What Do You Need to Know to Generate Links that Are Higher in Authority?

What Do You Need to Know to Generate Links that Are Higher in Authority?

One of the oldest and the most efficient ways to get a better ranking is with link building. It’s also one of the best ways to get some great organic traffic moving in your direction

People want to link to you. You may not see it and you may not believe it but they do. That is particularly true of the real influencers in the world. They are creating so much content that they are always looking for a way to get some that they don’t have to work quite so hard for. That means if you do it right, you’ve got an edge toward getting their inbound links.

If you’re looking for a way to make better inbound links, here are a couple tips for you.

You Don’t Want Links, You Want Good Links– It’s a given that you want good links that show Authority, Relevance and Transfer. Unfortunately many website owners have forgotten what good links are, if they ever knew. Good links have authority and relevance, even if you have to spin things a bit to make it relevant. For example, if you sell insurance you could conceivably and readily create an article that would fit on a car accident site.

Make Your Content Unique. Get the best content that you can and make sure that it’s all as unique as possible. Find a topic that is close to people’s hearts and in their minds and then write about it. Try to find an angle that is unique to other people’s so that your content, is different and creates real value for the reader even when it’s the same subject that someone else has written about. All that’s necessary is for you to work hard, do a bit of extra research, and make your content worth linking to.

Quality link building is not easy. It’s hard and it should be hard. You’re going to work for the links that you get.  If you want real quality then you need to visit quality sites and explore their content. Find out where it melds well with your own and then send a contact to the site owner or webmaster. Make sure that you  visit as many sites that are relevant to you as possible and let them know about your site and your content. Follow up a week or two later. Tech people are busy and your link may not appear immediately but  if you follow up and if your content is worth linking to, the links will appear.


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