The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media has the potential for building brand awareness and engaging with customers in ways that are unsurpassed by any other media in use today.

It is no longer just for friends and family. Today businesses are finding that social media is a powerful tool for growth. Once not taken very seriously, social media should now be an integral part of every business’s online strategy.

You can’t ignore social media if you want your business to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Increasing Market Penetration Through Social Media Marketing

As of March 2014, over 1.28 billion – yes, billion with a B! – people are registered on Facebook, with up to one billion being unique users.

That is a huge market!

Besides being the largest social network in the world, Facebook is also the largest advertising network. So, even if you’re targeting only a single country, the numbers could be in the hundreds of millions. No other platform gives you that kind of access and you can tap into that market for free.

Is it only about Facebook?

Just because it’s the biggest network doesn’t mean Facebook is the only, or the right place for your business. Facebook is not the be all and end all of the social media world.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and in the case of a niche business or product you get better results for your marketing efforts from Twitter, Imgur, Instagram, Google+ and any of the others that inhabit the whole of social media.

Every social network has its strengths and weaknesses, and varying levels of relevance to your company. Finding the best network for your needs will help make the most of any efforts you put in to a social media strategy. Even chat-based applications like WeChat and Line Messenger include aspects of social networking. Creative companies can use these popular platforms to advertise and engage customers as well as build exposure for their brand.

Social Media Covers Almost Every Demographic

To get the best market exposure, social media is the answer.

Everyone from age 14 to seniors can be found on one social media format or another. However social media isn’t limited to the actual ‘social networks’ anymore.

Youtube incorporates social media.

Gmail accounts have access to Google+.

Yahoo Answers is a form of social media.

People use all sorts of services on the Internet without thinking about the social aspects of them. However, almost everything on the Internet today involves some type of social networking.

Whatever your market is, if you know where to focus, you can find that demographic through social media.

Interact With Customers Like Never Before

Compared to any other platform, social media offers more engagement with your customers and future prospects through comments, likes, re-tweeting, +1’s and similar social sharing features. Having a direct dialogue with your customers makes for a stronger relationship with them. TV and Radio ads have phone-in competitions and offers, print media might provide the same, with perhaps mail or email correspondence, but nothing compares with the immediate communication that social media invites.

Using social media as a brand building platform not only lets you engage directly with your market, it also allows you to grow your brand virally. As your audience spreads posts and information about your products through likes, tweets and re-posts etc., your brand will stretch from person to person, giving you the benefits of modern day ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Social Media is Easy to Include in Your Online Strategy

Adding social media to your current website is simple and this ease of implementation is another reason why social media is such an excellent tool for online marketing.

When you work with leading content delivery solutions like WordPress, you can take advantage of a number of plugins that incorporate social features in your site. Adding buttons for shares, like’s, +1’s, etc., is a great way to take viral what you are showcasing.

Social Media is Relatively Inexpensive When Compared to Other Forms of Online Marketing

The potential reach of social media makes it essential to use as part of your online marketing strategy. But that’s not the best part – it’s cost effective too. Social media offers virtually free advertising and brand building for anyone who wants to use it.

With time and perseverance you can build a strong social presence without spending any cash.

For a relatively small expense, a dedicated online marketer can handle the social media accounts for those business owners without the time or the expertise to market themselves online or for companies that want a greater social media presence. Social media account management can be as low as $50USD per month. Compare that to traditional marketing consultants.

When looking for a good return on investment, inexpensive and effective social media marketing becomes essential.

Embrace Social Media

There’s really no reason for not incorporating a social media strategy in to your business plan.

Social media provides your business with the benefits of effective marketing, brand building, increased exposure and effective customer interaction.

Arguably the best thing about this new means for marketing your business is that even a modestly funded operation could afford to implement it.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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Customized graphics can be created to offer the right look and feel for your social media pages. Every business can use custom social media pages to promote themselves.

* Do you want to create a presence on social media that represents and expresses your business brand?

Customized social media pages are among the best ways to associate your name and your logo with your website.

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