Stop Marketing for a Minute and Listen

Marketing – Where The Customer Comes First

If you’re a marketer or you know one you know the mentality. EVERYTHING becomes an opportunity to market. I see it all the time, even sometimes in people with whom I work. Sometimes in myself. It is absolutely a sore subject to your customers and friends that everything becomes a means to increase your own bottom line.

Stop marketing for a minute and LISTEN to what your customers are saying to you. When you live and breath marketing, sometimes you need to stop and take a breath and empathize with customer concerns and hear what they are saying about their sites and content.

The number one complaint that I hear which brings in a new customer quite frequently is that the marketing and SEO companies around the globe are not listening. Every discussion and every email that they have received was an invitation to up-sell something– a product or a service, when they weren’t ready for that yet..

It tends to come off to the new customer as you not hearing what they want, but instead trying to sell them another product that costs more.

The very act of interaction with customers and clients is seen as a means to gain a new opportunity, but the reality is that this offers you a look of desperation and of being uncaring or inconsiderate of the needs and desires of your customers.

Test yourself in this area. If you hear your customers concerns about something and your next sentence begins with the words “we offer” or “I can give you” then you’re a victim of your own marketing hype and you need to take a step back. Marketing today isn’t about where you want to go in your own business. It’s about where you want to take your customers and the loyalty you can engender in them by taking them there.

Email marketing by SEO companies has taken a hard hit lately and there are two primary reasons for this.

Selling something in every email and not just offering information or a freebie means that they are going to perceive you as someone who solicits them and doesn’t offer anything of real value. Once in a while, offer a free piece of software or a free service that they can take advantage of. Even if the software isn’t yours, and is just a link, take the time to offer them value.

Ask questions and really hear the answers. Many SEO customers believe no one is listening. You can learn a lot by using polls or other methods to gather information from your customers. If your emails don’t ask for responses or opinions, or don’t offer polls once in a while, then you are going about your marketing the wrong way. If you offer too much by way of your own products, services, and preaching, and don’t ask any questions, how do you know what your customers want and how can you address those wants with your products?

The key to solid marketing methods today are to offer quality and cost effective services, to offer them in such a way that the customer does not feel pressured and suffers buyers remorse, and to actually interact with your customers rather than being the only one talking. Talk TO them, not AT them.

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