SEO and Marketing – Who do You Trust?

The search engines can be a very powerful method of getting you the traffic that you need for your website. It’s a given that you need some kind of SEO working for your website. Without it you’re going to be lost in the shuffle of the literally millions of other sites that are ahead of you and behind you, pulling traffic from the search engines. The problem is that getting the right kind of SEO and a good quality team isn’t always an easy task.

Not too long ago, Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land did a very nice article on the kind of SEO that is being offered and some of the most amazing answers they had received to their questions about SEO.

That item–located here, The Sad State of SEO Consultants Today is a remarkably amusing, but also, as Schwartz says, a remarkably sad testament to the state of SEO online.

The simple truth is that anyone can open a site and call themselves an SEO. I’m not sure that I am calling for any kind of regulatory body, or even for a given amount of experience but some kind of training or experience is in order. A recent client who came to me through another person had been paying about 400 dollars a month for SEO services.

While that isn’t by any means an exorbitant amount of money, they should certainly have received some kind of assistance. Instead we found links to their baby products laid out nicely on very low rent sites including some Russian sites as well as several cigar stores.

It wasn’t what she had in mind and it certainly was not helpful to the company in any way. It was something we recognized as very rapid and very worthless SEO, and what it did was to see her paying month after month for a service that simply was not helpful.

Someone came to me recently and requested a resume. That’s a great way to go, but this is the real world. A beautiful resume doesn’t mean that I am going to give you a great service any more than a feather in my hat makes me a partridge.

Finding out that you’re not getting what you need isn’t something you want to learn the hard way.

Find an ethical seo company who can answer your questions for you in a reasonable way. Inbound links are important but test them. ART is the way in which links need to be created today. Authority, Relevance and Transfer. Using your networking skills to meet and greet others who are related to your niche, obtaining your links honestly and in a forthright way, is the only way to fly today.

Build your sites with a nod toward Google but with a focus on what your customers and clients want to see or read or do while they are on your site. Then, no matter whether Google loves you, tolerates you, or hates you, you’re going to rank because PEOPLE will like you and that’s the best way to go when it comes to who you try harder to impress.

Anyone who offers you links from irrelevant sites, hundreds of links in a week or tells you that you’re going to rise in search faster than a rubber ducky flips to the top of the bathwater is not a company you should be using. The simple and sad truth is that you can’t trust them and you can’t depend on them working toward the betterment of your site.

I implore every site owner to learn a little something about SEO even if you pay someone a little to teach you. Know what’s right and by virtue of that, know what’s wrong, so that you can recognize poor techniques.

A great resume doesn’t mean a great service. Get testimonials or get references. You can’t attain those as quickly and as easily as you can build a resume that looks great on paper but means nothing.

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