Mobile Marketing Using Websites and Applications

Way back in 2008, a very bold prediction was that more than half of the world would be using mobile marketing by 2014. 2014 came and went, as we all know. That prediction proved to be true. Mobile marketing is a force to be reckoned with in the online and in the marketing world. What do mobile marketing and mobile applications have to offer you?

Statistics tell us that the average mobile shopper not only spends more time on the mobile website, but they spend more money when they do purchase there. In fact, they spend an average of 25% more than the person shopping from the desktop or in the retail store. Capturing the imagination and the custom of those shoppers then is well worth your time. Making them part of your strategic marketing campaign is imperative if you want to take home that extra 25 percent of the marketplace.

No matter what you’re doing in the online arena today, it’s imperative that it be optimized for the mobile user. Smart businesses are developing and using their own online applications, They are further making sure that their website, if not specifically designed for the mobile world, is at least responsive and mobile friendly.

The online world of mobile apps is booming today. Just the Apple store has more than a million apps out there and they are designed to do a little of everything. From shopping to recipes to entertainment and movies, you’ll find a mobile app that fits every bill. If you’re considering mobile marketing applications, creating one that allows you to give your customers what they want, to buy from their phone, to look things up or to generally make their life in some way easier is an app that will be well-received.

Android phones are continuing to rise in their popularity so don’t forget to make your app available for both iPhone as well as Android phone customers if you do take the plunge.

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