Marketing Tips-Defining Your Audience

When it comes to marketing a specific product or service, defining your audience is probably the most logical first step in the process.

Your USP or unique selling proposition is where you get started with that. What is your unique product, service or business and how can it benefit someone? What type of person will it best appeal to and how will they use it?

The answers to those questions will help you to define your audience better and give you a good look at who you need to target. That, in turn will give you a better grasp on how you can best target them.

Once you know who you are targeting, do a little extra work to find out where you can find them and what kind of approach suits them best. Then explore your options so far as marketing to the audience you want and marketing to them in a way that will be appealing and available to them where they are.

Typically the better you target your audience, the more pointed you can make your communications with them to offer your product or service. Survey those that you believe are potential customers and listen to what information they offer you. Marketing is no longer a one way street. It is an interactive experience that enriches both the customer and the company.

An Overview of Marketing Goals and Ideals

In 2013, the WinterBerry team said that best policy was to plan and to manage your marketing channels as a holistic group. Using them as isolated or separate channels or separate entities was probably the wrong way to go. In most cases, the ideal solution is to treat them as an ecosystem, each playing into the other.

Holistic SEO and marketing is now and has always been the best practice,and the most successful marketing companies and personnel know that. In most cases, marketing companies and individual marketers have not caught up to this ideal.

The problem is that many companies today do not have the capacity to put all of their data in one basket, as it were, and evaluate it in that way, rather than doing so as separate entities.

Holistic Marketing and Available Marketing Channels

Integrating your marketing channels into a seamless strategy is an absolute necessity today. The first step is to create a goal for your overall marketing campaign–or multiple goals. Whether you want to drive more traffic to the site, increase your conversion rate, brand or improve product awareness, or nurture your leads, there is a channel that will be ideally suited for that.

Find it and use it, in combination with the others.

What is the best way to market online and which channels are the most important ones to integrate into your own marketing methods? There are plenty to choose from but which ones work best? The answer is–all of them.

Email Marketing
Social Media
Website Marketing
Inbound Content Marketing
Landing Pages
Display Advertising

Explore the available marketing channels and find out which are best suited to and most supportive of your goals. Chances are that you’ll use all of them in some way. Integrate those online channels with offline efforts and your marketing campaigns will be golden.

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