Holistic SEO What it Is and Why it Matters

Most people see SEO, or Search Engine optimization, as a way to get search traffic. The fact is that search traffic is important, but it is not the overall goal. The traffic that you’re looking for is going to be used to help you to gain higher sales and a higher bottom line.

Any SEO agency can give you traffic. The question is, once they get to your site, is your traffic going to convert to sales? The answer is in your website.

SEO & marketing can take the form of building high quality links by interaction and building content that is link-worthy. SEO can be used to drive traffic and to create videos or to do many other things that will send traffic to your site. Each of those things is only a part of the whole.

The term or phrase SEO can be used to describe any of these things, but each, as we mentioned, is only a part. Typically, they will work best when they all work together.

As a former nurse, I often equate the processes that are involved in SEO with the same processes that are necessary to keep the body healthy.

Holistic health takes into account the total health. It realizes that full health cannot be attained without taking into account every component of the body. You can’t be healthy without considering the body, the mind, and the spirit. In much the same way, your website and your marketing can’t be healthy without the whole website, sales funnel, content, navigation, and marketing campaign being healthy.

Holistic SEO takes into account every process that goes into the website, plans and executes it carefully, one step at a time.

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