Guerrilla Marketing Tips

Are you a small business owner? Do you think your company needs a bit more “oomph”? As long as you are open to ideas and possibilities, you can market your business with economical means. Marketing is very expensive, but you know you have to reach out to the consumers out there. It is not an area you should dismiss because you can’t afford it. Below are some unique, simple, and low-cost methods in building up your small business:

Here are some possible Guerrilla Marketing Tips

  1. Try to ask for e-mail addresses whenever you get the chance and send out newsletters via e-mail. This is a friendly way to inform them more about your growing company.
  2. Have your business cards made by a printing service that offers discounts. Then, step out of your home office and hand them out. Place coupon codes for your website’s products to attract the potential customers. This way, you can monitor how many logged in and used your codes.
  3. Hire a teen to hold up your sign on the side of the road. This allows drivers to have a glimpse of your business without paying for a billboard.
  4. Buy someone a can of soda or a sandwich. After that, give your business card and leave. You don’t have to throw in a sales pitch at all!
  5. Find a charitable event that you like and donate some of your products.
  6. Instead of ordinary flyers, make tip sheets in the area you specialize. Hand them out or mail them out. People love tips and free information like that.
  7. Give away balloons at a community event. Each balloon should have your business name printed on it. Take note that balloons make kids happy. When kids are happy, parents become happy patrons.
  8. Offer to give a free seminar or crash course. Most companies do not allow outside business flyers or posters within their premises, but they accept free courses and seminars.
  9. Print your business information inside old books or magazines and donate them to establishments with waiting rooms. This allows the people there to have a glimpse of your business.

These are only some of the ways you can use to let the world know about your small business. Take them and run with them as you take your journey to a successful entrepreneurial path!

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