Fake Facebook Likes are No Longer an Option.

by Robbi Drake
Have you been one of those companies using some social media help from a group that lets you buy “likes”, retweets and Pinterest pins? If you’re not doing well in the social media department, but you want things to look like you’re a little more liked than you really are, you’ve probably been doing business with a “social buzz” generator, and we all know who and where they are.

It may have seemed like the ideal solution, but according to Barry Sullivan, Facebook has decided that they don’t “Like” your fake likes. Even Twitter was abuzz–or should that be aTweet–with the news. The comments went something like this:
Tod Maffin ?@todmaffin–“Another reason not to buy Likes for your Facebook brand page: Facebook’s going to start deleting them.”

According to Facebook’s posting on the subject they are stepping up their attempts to remove the false likes and to get rid of the accounts that are facilitating them.

Does this mean that sites and companies who are selling FB likes and who are promoting fake “Likes” and selling them to customers are going to lose a portion of those likes that they’ve previously sold? Apparently so, if we’re to believe the Facebook post. In fact, the “likes” which are being purchased and are found are going to be removed from the pages. They are in violation of the TOS of Facebook and Facebook was very quick to point that out.

Facebook says, to be very clear they do not now, nor have they ever agreed with or permitted anyone to buy Facebook likes. Their goal is to see real people connecting with real brands and anything else is “deception to generate fraudulent Likes, which is harmful to all users and the internet as a whole.”

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that they believe that about 8 percent of Facebook accounts are not real and that their goal was to remove those accounts. “We also seek to identify “false” accounts. . . which represent user profiles that we determine are intended to be used for purposes that violate our terms of service. ”

If that doesn’t spell it out for you, nothing will. Get your likes the old fashioned way, work hard… and be likeable.

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