Ethical Tips for Building an Email List

Growing an email list from scratch can be a difficult process for new businesses to grasp. Most of the headaches come from inexperience and a lack of information. Building a responsive list doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, all you need are a few pointers to get started.

Here we will share with you some of the most powerful and simple tips that can help you to grow your email list, and in return strengthen and grow your entire business.Market yourself through your blog. Many business owners forget to take advantage of the exposure that they already have. Adding a simple sign up link to the bottom of all of your blogs can bring new addresses to your lists for customers who are already interested in your business.

growing an email listUse Social Networks to your advantage. Social sharing is a powerful way to raise exposure and bring new customers on board. Make sure that you promote sign up to your list from your social networking pages. If you already have page followers and likes etc. then there’s a high possibility these people will be interested in your newsletters. So make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to bring them on board.

Make Sign-Up a painless process. You need a call to action, but don’t make it a hard sell. Just as importantly, make sure that the sign-up process is simple. You want to be asking for an email address and a name for sign-up. You can give options for other relevant information, but don’t make it mandatory.

As your list grows, make use of your subscribers. Your list can be thought of as a network for expansion. Offer referral programs with incentives if you have the resources. Your existing subscribers will likely have people in their own circles with similar interests. Make it easy for them to get their friends and family on board and you will see your list numbers rise.

Be proactive in gathering addresses. Even out there in the physical world, you should take every opportunity to grow your list. Advertise your mailing list in your place of business with sign up forms, or take details when you are at trade shows or promotional events. Proactively seeking out addresses works better than sharing your website and waiting for customers to come to you.

Promote the value for subscribers in signing up. Simply advertising your newsletter is not enough. Give a teaser of the content you will provide. Hint at competitions or deals if you will be offering any. Position the newsletter as a free value-added service, and you will find more success in gaining subscribers.
Be Ethical. Don’t make false claims, and don’t use misleading tactics to draw subscribers in. You want to be able to deliver on everything that you promise or imply. Honesty will help you to maintain a responsive list that turns to real business opportunities in the future.

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