Digital Day is SEO and Content Strategy With a Difference.

We aren’t that trendy “boutique” SEO firm you read about whose site is laced with those cool buzz words. We never “reach out” or “power through.” We don’t leverage vertical, over the wall, robust, solutions or synergize your world. Simple hard work, technical know-how and absolute attention to every detail of your website is who we are.

If you’re looking for someone who is shifting paradigms or leveraging things, we’ll refer you to some of our colleagues who are spending more time talking the talk. Care to meet the team?

Meet the Team

We are a hard hitting team that works diligently to provide our clients with the best SEO, the most experienced writers, and the most talented website development. Corporations as well as start-ups use the experienced services of Digital Day to make a difference in their overall site efficiency and effectiveness. We work within your budget and we get the job done right. It’s that simple.

Jeff Ryder – Sales & Marketing

Jeff has been in sales and customer service for over 20 years. He has done live Sales Training at numerous national network marketing events and has recently been a Sales Manager for several multi-billion dollar companies. Jeff has trained with some of the most prolific and successful marketing companies in the world today. In addition, he has owned and operated multiple successful online businesses and a “Brick and Mortar” retail store whose successes are noteworthy.

Jeff brings years of customer service and sales experience to the field of strategic media marketing. He takes marketing to a whole new level, deriving innovative and unique methods to brand and market businesses and products. These days, Jeff is making his internet marketing skills available to online businesses. Jeff excels at business and marketing planning as well as at laying out planned marketing strategies for businesses of all types.

Jeff is a member of the National Small Business Association and the Green Business Association. He lives in Arizona with his wife Kathleen.

Robbi Drake –  Technical SEO and Resident Tech Evangelist

Robbi started in the computing industry when computers filled a room. She has worked with Disney/, HotRate, and Mahalo, editing and setting up search engines, as well as WBS in Menlo Park. Her writing appears on technical manuals for companies such as Oracle, Next BBS and multiple others dating from the mid 90s.

Robbi has numerous awards and her technical content has been visible in the online community for more than 20 years on sites such as Wired Gorilla, IBM, medical community and  other tech forums and sites.

Robbi  consults, teaches, develops and writes prolifically for multiple websites. She i passionate about AI,  Machine Learning, Chat GPT and all of those tools and toys that many people are paranoid about.

She is a member of the  ISOC, ARIN – (American Registry for Internet Numbers), a contributor to Wordress,part of the development team for SEO Panel software, as well as being a member of the International High IQ Association, The West Virginia Writers Guild, the WordPress Users Group, the GIMP Users Group, the National Small Business Association and the Green Business Association.

Howard Dabrawsky – Video Marketing

Howard is a Certified Recording Engineer and Certified CompTIA A+ PC Field Tech. He has years of experience in Live Music and TV Production and is also a Certified IT Field Technician. He is fluent in several Web Scripting Languages including HTML, PHP, Java and Flash. as well as SEO.

Howard is highly skilled in problem-solving and his vision and experience are critical in ensuring the projects he delivers in the field of “Web Internet Strategy Marketing” are on time and profitable.

Howard is known for his analytical skills. Finding and sifting through data and analyzing the return on the investment of time is his most impressive skill.

Formerly with ABC and CBS Television affiliates, his skills with cutting and editing video are unsurpassed, making him a valued asset to our customers. Howard has combined his skills in video with his expertise in data analysis to bring cutting edge video marketing to Digital Day Solutions.