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Of course you do!  Whether your company is local, national or international, the digital age is here and you need a strong marketing strategy for your online presence. We have developed and implemented strong marketing plans, quality, cost effective PPC and social media marketing for hundreds of clients.

IRight now is the perfect time to take action and using a strong social media presence, great content and quality graphics, to build something that will help your brand grow and prosper for years to come

Digital Day is SEO and Content Strategy With a Difference.

We aren’t that trendy “boutique” SEO firm you read about whose site is laced with those cool buzz words. We never “reach out” or “power through.” We don’t leverage vertical, over the wall, robust, solutions or synergize your world. Simple hard work, technical know-how and absolute attention to every detail of your website is who we are.

If you’re looking for someone who is shifting paradigms or leveraging things, we’ll refer you to some of our colleagues who are spending more time talking the talk. Care to meet the team?


Website Content/Content Strategy

What's your message? How would you like people to perceive you and your company? Every website has something to say. The problem is that sometimes we could say it better. Express yourself more clearly...

Buy Website Content

With top quality website content from Digital Day you'll be ahead of the competition


Reputation Management

Bad things can happen to good people. The fallout from that may cause your prospective customers to avoid your services. Surveys show that more than 50 percent of patients or clients will review the reputation of a doctor, lawyer or business.

How's Your Online Reputation?

We can review your reputation and correct problems as well as set up alerts to let us know when we may need to take action proactively to correct potential problems as they happen


Organic Long Term SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the hottest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Maximizing the benefits of a well
optimized website will yield great dividends for your company.

Finding a good SEO who is effective and not cost prohibitive is difficult at best. Quality search engine optimization and marketing can provide branding, a higher ranking in the serps and more traffic to your site.

How Can You Compete Online Today?

“If You Build it, They will Come”

That’s a tired old marketing theory and it’s one that we all know to be absolutely incorrect don’t we? If you build it, and you market it, and you write content for it, and you SEO it.. then, they MAY come, depending on how well you did your job. These days it takes a lot more than just building it. You have to:

Know the Competition

If you’re in business, you need to know not just your own business, but your competition. What they are doing, when they are doing it and how it’s done.

You need information about your competition and their marketing .. We analyze your competition thoroughly to find the marketing methods being used by your competitors and compare them to your own, offering you a marketing plan that can meet or exceed your major competitors.

Develop a Good Strategy

You need a strategy to build a solid, noticeable brand. Your company requires the social media, the content, the videos and the online strength to generate top quality leads that convert into sales.

At Digital Day, those things are our strong suit. Call Today and Find out How We Can Help.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

An effective social media strategy can help you to boost your business, improve your brand, and engage more effectively with your target audience.

Website First Aid

Has your website been taken over by hostile dev or SEO company or has it been damaged by bad SEO or marketing? We specialize in finding what’s wrong and helping you to fix it.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps you to target your local service area and to bring in more traffic from your geographic area. It will help to increase leads and phone calls.

Email Marketing

We custom design marketing campaigns for every part of your business. We help you to advertise your products or services to help you to reach and to engage new customers.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click is a wonderful stopgap method for getting an instant impact. It can help you to attain a fast traffic boost and give you impressive exposure.

Reputation Management

Not only good things happen to good people. If you’ve been given some bad reviews despite your best efforts, we can help you to manage those reviews.

Content Strategy

It’s always been said that content is king. Nothing has changed. Top quality content offers you just the right edge against your competition and real value to your website visitors..

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